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11 September 2018

Out to pasture    

Prospérité milk originates from our Prospérité Fermière cooperative. As part of the Via Lacta programme and philosophy, 100 farmers from the cooperative are participating in a different way of milking cows that guarantees grass-fed, GMO-free milk.

Three conditions are required to achieve this:

  • A minimum of 1,500 m2 of pasture for each cow, available for at least 170 days per year.
  • A guaranteed GMO-free diet encouraging the farmer to favour the local production of rapeseed.
  • Farming with straw in the winter.

The nutritional value of milk, local development and preserving the planet are the key words in this commitment.

27 December 2017

Our continued partnership with WWF France    

On 29th March 2017, Prospérité Fermière - Ingredia announced the signing of a 3-year strategic partnership with WWF France, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy called Via Lacta.

  • The jointly drawn-up action plan’s main goal is to establish the continued monitoring and improvement indicators in the Via Lacta programme, in line with the sustainability of dairy farming and the reduction of its environmental impact.
  • Via Lacta eco-responsible milking launched in April 2017 by the farmers participating in the programme is now taking shape with the launch of the first dairy ingredients destined for the food-processing and nutrition industries and the availability of Prospérité brand milk to the wider public.
11 April 2017

Our partnership with WWF France    

On 29th March 2017, when signing our 3-year partnership, we committed ourselves to implementing concrete actions in answer to three additional objectives:

  • Milk produced by cows on a 100% GMO-free diet,
  • Cows raised in pastures,
  • Respecting the well-being of animals.

This partnership fully integrates itself into our “sustainable food systems” initiative, one of five main points of the Biodiversity strategy lead by WWF France.