Our cooperative

Our heritage

The Prospérité Fermière cooperative was formed in 1949 in Arras when it brought together 31 dairy farmers of the region. Originally, its goal was to increase the value of cream in the Arras creamery.

In 1967, the Prospérité brand consisted of several fresh dairy products: cream, milk, as well as yogurts which were well-renowned in the region.

In 1979, the cooperative turned an important strategic corner by developing hi-tech dairy ingredients, thanks to a new process in Europe called ultrafiltration.

In 2015, the Prospérité brand was reborn, modernised and closer to its consumers by way of UHT milk.

In 2017, the group joined in a 3-year partnership with WWF France, fully integrating itself in the “sustainable food systems” initiative, one of five main points of the Biodiversity strategy lead by WWF France.

Prospérité Fermière

Our cooperative is a collaboration of 1600 members – farmers spread across 1000 farms in the Hauts de France region.

It produces 410 million litres of milk per year, within an 80 kilometre radius of the Saint Pol-sur-Ternoise dairy plant, the current cooperative headquarters.

The cooperative’s values

Further to this collaboration of dairy farmers, around 3,500 direct and indirect jobs are generated by Prospérité Fermière. Therefore, people are at the heart of our cooperative, which manifests itself in the multiple supporting projects of our members, like youth programmes such as Cap Jeunes, or those helping farmers in difficulty, thanks to a partnership with Arcade…

Sustainable development is also at the heart of our cooperative with the launch of our Via Lacta sustainable development charter in 2017.

Producing Prospérité milk

Prospérité milk is produced exclusively by approximately a hundred Prospérité Fermière farmers, dedicated to the Via Lacta “grass-fed milk” programme (see Our Commitment)

Comments from our farmers

Benoît Hannebicque –Prospérité farmer in La Comté (62) – with 70 dairy cows

“Being a farmer is first and foremost a passion, but it’s also the desire to sustain a farm, make it more productive, to develop it and create new projects”.

Stéphane Fourdinier –Prospérité farmer in Marquise (62)

“Putting herds out to pasture is extremely important to renew the cows’ vitality and ensure they are fit and healthy!”

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