Coffee Latte

1 pers.
10 mn
photo recette


  • Freshly ground coffee,
  • Water,
  • Whole milk Prospérité.

Are you ready to prepare a Coffee Latte like a professional?


1 - Preparation

Step 1:

Open the vaporizer to expel the residual water from its interior,

Step 2:

Fill with Prospérité Whole Milk for extra texture and taste ¾  of the jug,

Step 3:

Place the steamer tube one centimetre from the edge of the carafe and 1 mm from the base of the milk,

Step 4:

Activate the steam completely,

Step 5:

Incline the jug so that the nozzle of the vaporizer points to the side of the container generating a whirl in the milk,

Step 6:

Keep the milk in rotation, controlling that the temperature never exceeds 68º,

Step 7:

Close the steamer while taking the steam lance to the bottom of the pitcher,


Wipe the vaporizer tube with a damp cloth after each use.

2 - Advice

To ensure that the coffee does not lose its aromatic properties, it is important to use freshly ground coffee, weak mineral water and the right amount of grinding (about 8 or 9 g for a 25/35 cl cup).